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Why Adopt the Music Development Program?

The Music Development Program. . .  

. . . is a rigorous system with built-in flexibility

  • Broad syllabi/program guides include key teaching repertoire, reflecting current teaching practices.
  • Students progress at their own pace and move freely through the system.
  • Teachers make the choice of pedagogical approaches and methodologies.
  • The program can be adapted for individual teachers and students while meeting the rigor and discipline of a national standard.

. . . recognizes your student’s achievement against a proven national standard

  • Individual performance is recognized, and excellence is rewarded.
  • The Music Development Program offers both national and state recognition.
  • The Music Development Program allows transfers across all states.
  • The Music Development Program links students and teachers nationally.
  • The Music Development Program is available to all students regardless of state, size of local community, or location.

. . . provides teachers with comprehensive, award-winning resources

  • Materials include repertoire, études, recordings, sight reading, ear training, technique, and theory.
  • The Repertoire Series provides a source of repertoire appropriate to a specific level in one publication.
  • The Celebration Series® received the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)'s Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award.

. . . is already adopted in three states as their official state assessment system

  • The Program is the officially adopted state curriculum of Ohio, Massachusetts, and Wyoming.
  • Resources have been adopted and are being used in many state curricula.

. . . provides full administrative support with professional adjudicators

  • All administrative aspects are managed by the Music Development Program.
  • The Music Development Program handles scheduling, adjudicators, and the assessment process.
  • Students register online.
  • No fees, administration, or volunteering is required for teachers.
  • The Music Development Program provides objective and consistent assessment of student achievements.

. . . distinguishes and expands the reach of your studio

  • Individual student success will help develop your national profile.
  • The Music Development Program appeals to parents and students looking for a national standard.
  • The Music Development Program offers recognition of high standards and professionalism.
  • Teachers have access to pedagogical support and tools.
  • Student achievement is recognized through state and national Certificates of Excellence and awards ceremonies.

Material Available for Teachers

The Music Development Program catalog offers a wealth of publications that support strong teaching and provide effective strategies for students and teachers to achieve excellence from the preparatory to advanced levels of study. As a teacher or student new to The Music Development Program, you will find outstanding support for the program in the resources published in our Bookstore.

Publications that you may already know and love, such as Celebration Series Perspectives®, have been published to international acclaim for their outstanding quality and comprehensive nature. These same materials meet the specific requirements of the Music Development Program and will help you transition into the program with ease.

From core repertoire and studies to supporting publications for technique, sight reading, ear training, and theory, teachers and students have relied on Frederick Harris Music publications for more than 100 years of assessment preparation. For more information about these and supplemental materials offered by the Music Development Program, visit

Download these printable posters for your studio: Be An Athlete, Music is a Mind Builder.

Get started with program resources and assessment support material.


The Music Development Program can be adapted for individual teachers and students while meeting the rigor and discipline of a national standard.