Assessment Center Application

Become an Assessment Center for The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program

Thank you for your interest in opening an Assessment Center for The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. We are excited about the prospect of implementing our assessment system in your community and are looking forward to learning more about the role the Music Development Program can play in your area.

By filling out the questionnaire, you are submitting a request to become the Music Development Program Center Representative in your community. As such, you will be responsible for securing facilities and interacting with students for both Theory and Practical (Performance) assessments.

The Center Representative plays an important role in providing the assessment service in your community. Center Representatives ensure students enjoy a welcoming and positive environment, and that the best facilities available are used for assessments. Center Representatives serve as on-site ambassadors for The Music Development Program. They represent the professionalism, high standards, and fairness of The Program in all their dealings with the students, parents, and teachers in their area.

In order to ensure that our standards of professionalism and quality are maintained, we are committed to evaluating each new center request carefully and comprehensively.  Our evaluation covers three essential components of the center:

  • The applicant/Center Representative
  • The proposed facilities
  • The participating community

Please help us appraise these three components by sending in a completed questionnaire and attaching your resume. Founding new centers is an important step towards realizing our vision of creating a national standard for developing musicians through the Music Development Program.

You can expect to hear from us regarding your request within the next two months. Thank you for your interest!

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