Royal Conservatory Releases Second White Paper on Benefits of Music Education

White Paper

Did you know that a structured system of music study leads to well-rounded musicianship and a lifelong love of learning? Did you know that providing benchmarks for students to measure themselves against encourages and motivates them?


Recent research shows that assessment is an extremely important part of the learning process. The best music education programs involve regular, levelled assessments, which instill a sense of accomplishment in students as they complete each level. Third-party evaluations also allow parents and teachers to track and measure progress while encouraging a student’s pursuit of excellence.

The Royal Conservatory has published a white paper highlighting this research. Entitled Structured Music Education: The Pathway to Success, it demonstrates that students following a path that includes short- and long-term goals, as well as ongoing assessment, are proven to make better, more consistent progress in their musical studies.

The white paper addresses frequently asked questions such as: “When should my child begin music lessons?” and “What factors should be considered when selecting the best music program?” It provides advice on getting started, an overview of the components of well-rounded music study, and a guide to selecting the best music teacher for your child. The white paper also includes an overview of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program, our own system of music study and assessment.

Structured Music Education: The Pathway to Success, is the second in a series of white papers to be published by The Royal Conservatory. which provide compelling insights into the positive impact of music education on students of all ages. The publication of white papers is one of many initiatives representing The Royal Conservatory’s commitment to advancing the transformative effects that music and the arts have on individuals—and ultimately, society.

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