Royal Conservatory Launches Comprehensive New Theory Series

New Series Supports Students of Music Theory at Every Stage of Their Musical Dev

This week The Royal Conservatory launches Celebrate Theory, a new series that supports students of music theory at every stage of their development.

Encompassing rudiments, harmony & counterpoint, analysis, and music history, Celebrate Theory is an essential resource for enriching practical studies and developing well-rounded musicianship.

To see the Crossover Plan and determine which examination is appropriate, please click here. 

Celebrate Theory has been carefully written to enhance the skills developed through the study of music theory: aural awareness, analytical thinking, and creativity. It will also help students develop a deeper understanding of the music they hear and play.

An Essential Component of the Music Development Program

The series is based on the requirements of the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition, to ensure student success in preparing for the examinations of The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. Each book is directly aligned with the corresponding practical level of the Music Development Program. The series has been written for students of all instruments, including voice, studying through the program.

Elementary and Intermediate Theory

Students begin their musical journey through the age-appropriate Elementary books (Preparatory–Level 4), which introduce the building blocks of the musical language. They are introduced to notation, and fundamental concepts are explored through engaging practical activities and written exercises. Integrated listening activities allow for a shared experience between the student and teacher, or student and parents. Selections from The Royal Conservatory repertoire and etudes books invite students to hear and play a piece while discovering how theory concepts come alive.

The books at the intermediate level (Levels 5–8) enable students to continue their musical journey. They reinforce theoretical concepts from previous levels and continue to expand musical literacy and build analytical skills. Each student’s learning is enriched through interactivity with creative composition, analysis, and music appreciation. As with earlier volumes, Royal Conservatory repertoire and etudes are included throughout to help theory concepts come alive and build a strong foundation for well-rounded musical training. These books also prepare students for the corresponding theory examinations, and each volume ends with a Practice Exam.

An individual Answer Book is available for the both the Elementary and Intermediate volumes.

Advanced Theory

This winter we will launch seven books aimed at students pursuing theory at an advanced level (Level 9–ARCT).

Three volumes of harmony & counterpoint use an interactive approach that builds on the knowledge of basic elements acquired in earlier stages of theory study. They guide students to a deeper understanding of musical vocabulary, syntax, and structure. The harmony & counterpoint books are complemented by a single volume of analysis that synthesizes and connects the study of theory directly to the practical experience.

In addition, three new volumes devoted to the study of music history will provide an essential introduction to and overview of the study of Western music. Through an exploration of styles, genres, and composers and their masterworks from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era, students will cultivate a lifelong appreciation of and engagement with music. The three volumes reflect the requirements in the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition for levels 9 through ARCT.

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