Music Development Program Supports Student’s Performance Preparation

Yujung Park

Twelve-year-old Yujung Park has been a student in The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program since she was in kindergarten. Currently working towards her Level 10 Piano assessment, this ambitious native of Tarzana, California hopes to complete the requirements for her Associate Diploma in Piano Performance before graduating high school.

Earlier this year she was selected to play at the Music Teachers National Association 2013 National Conference in a master class led by acclaimed educator Dr. Peter Mack. We sat down with Yujung to learn how the Music Development Program prepared her.

Describe your experience at the MTNA master class. How did your studies through The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program help prepare you? 

The Prelude & Fugue I played for the MTNA master class is my List A piece for the Level 10 Piano assessment. Last summer, I took the History I exam, and we studied preludes and fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach, so that helped me with musical concepts like subjects, countersubjects, exposition, episodes, and strettos.

The master class was, while nerve-wracking, very exhilarating and fun because Prof. Mack had a great sense of humor and made it enjoyable to learn better techniques for my piece. He also taught me how to deliver different interpretations through varying tempos and key strengths.

What do you like most about studying with your teacher, Dr. Deborah How? How has she supported your musical growth?

I like studying with Dr. How because she makes learning music fun and exciting but still prepares me thoroughly for competitions. She's helped me by encouraging me, being positive, and being patient.

Can you share a fun memory of taking – or preparing for – a Music Development Program assessment?

I liked the time I was preparing to take the History I assessment. There were only a few people in my theory class, and we were all in a friendly environment. We watched some extra videos that, while entertaining, also taught us a lot about the exam material. 

We understand you like to play softball and chess in your spare time. How has your musical training helped you succeed in these activities?

Since I have hand-eye coordination from playing piano, softball was much easier because I could time when to hit the ball.  As for chess, piano helped me to stay focused on the moves and planning strategies.

Registration for the August 2013 assessment session is open until May 28. 

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