The Diploma Levels represent the pinnacle of achievement within The Music Development Program. Students may apply for the Associate Performer’s Diploma upon completion of the Level 10 practical (performance) assessment and all co-requisite theory requirements. The Performer’s Diploma assessment is a full 60-minute recital. The Teacher’s Diploma requires the completion of a three-level Piano Pedagogy Certificate Program. Both Diplomas are recognized as professional credentials.

Students wishing to complete an Associate Diploma who have completed an undergraduate degree in music may apply to have certain prerequisite assessments waived. 

Sample Program

Associate Diploma in Piano Performance


Bach, Johann Sebastian

Italian Concerto, BWV 971

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Sonata in C Minor, op. 13

Brahms, Johannes

Rhapsody in G Minor, op. 79, no. 2

Debussy, Claude

Jardins sous la pluie, from Estampes

Barber, Samuel

Excursions, op. 20, 2nd and 4th movements



Chopin, Frédéric

Étude in C Minor, op. 10, no. 12

See the full syllabus requirements for the Associate Diploma in Piano Performance (pp. 99-105)

See the full syllabus requirements for the Associate Diploma in Piano Pedagogy (pp. 106-116)

The Licentiate Diploma in Piano Performance is the culmination of The Music Development Program in piano. The assessment is presented as a full recital of 75 minutes, must include at least three contrasting musical styles, and offers the option of performing a complete concerto for piano.

Sample Program

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Sonata in C Major, op. 53 (“Waldstein”)

Schumann, Robert

Faschingsschwank aus Wien, op. 26

Debussy, Claude

Pour le piano

Ives, Charles

Three-page Sonata

See the full syllabus requirement for the Licentiate Diploma in Piano Performance.